Dial Rd – Penguin Town- Penguin District

Penguin District Senior & Junior Campus Bus 2

 Stop  Morning  Afternoon
Bottom Sports Club Hill 8.20am 2.55pm
South Rd Dial Rd Intersection 8.25am 2.55pm
South Road Shelter Shed 8.25 am 2.55pm
Yaxley Street 8.30am 3.00pm
Pengana Heights  Estate 8.30am 3.00pm
Sth Rd Quinn St 8.30am 3.00pm
Penguin Market 8.35am 3.05pm
Seaside Cresent 8.40am 3.10pm
Old RSL 8.40am 3.10pm
Schools 8.45am 2.50pm

 Tickets $13.60 Sheet of 10 or $1.70 per trip

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What is a Student Greencard?

A Student Greencard looks and works like an ordinary Metro Greencard on Metro Buses but also lets students get a cheaper fare when going to and from school on other bus services.
Complete the Application Form here
Student Greencard Guidlines and Application Form

Are you eligible for free student travel?

If you are eligible for free student travel to or from your place of study, you need to apply for free travel through the Department of State Growth (DSG) . Once your application is approved by DSG and DSG notifies Metro, Metro will issue you with your Greencard at no cost. If you lose your Greencard, you will have to pay for a replacement card.